Our Process

  1.  Understand the Client’s personal and financial circumstances (including gathering quantitative and qualitative information, analyzing the information, and identifying any pertinent gaps in the information)

  2. Identify and select Goals (including a discussion on how the selection of one goal may impact other goals)

  3. Analyze the current course of action and potential recommendations (evaluating based on the advantages and disadvantages of the current course of action, and the advantages and disadvantages of potential recommendations)

  4. Develop financial planning recommendations (including not only what the Client should do, but the timing and priority of recommendations, and whether recommendations are independent or must be implemented jointly)

  5. Present financial planning recommendations (and discuss how those recommendations were determined)

  6. Implement recommendations 

  7. Monitoring progress and updating (including clarifying the scope of the engagement, and which actions, products, or services) 

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